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366, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal (Québec) 

Price range: Depends on the size of your sweet tooth! I'd say about $6 per person, including taxes, for a generous 1-person serving of gelato or frozen yogurt!

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Mouthwatering summary: Bright, clean, new dessert place that has some seriously good yogurt and gelato, as well as inventive new twists!

Meal to try: Dessert poutine (relax, it's not what you think! :P), ice cream sandwiches, and frozen yogurt!

Sorry for the long, long wait between updates - I've been writing 4 to 6 blog posts per week at work the last two months, and have been all blogged out! I'm back now!

So, to begin, a confession: I have a bit of a sweet tooth...Okay, that's a lie. I have an ENORMOUS sweet tooth!

That's why I'm always happy to discover great places to get my dessert on! And that is EXACTLY what we have with Vachement Bon - they have AWESOME frozen desserts!

I was just strolling around the Quartier Latin recently, and, to my surprise, a shiny, brand-spanking new dessert place had sprung up where previously there'd been a run-down, cramped dairy shop. Curious, I walked in and felt my jaw DROP.

Vachement Bon is a gorgeous, inviting new shop that's just full of iced dessert options. While that caught my eye, what really got me double-taking was some of their menu items. In particular, they have something  and they offer something they call Poutine Glacee - iced poutine. Wha...? That really got me wondering! And I don't imagine that I'm the only one who is curious. I mean, poutines are hot savory dishes of french fries, gravy, and cheese - how in the hey do you turn THAT into a dessert? Well, as it turns out, there is a way to do it and to make it just DELICIOUS.

So, while the iced poutine wasn't the first thing I tried at Vachement Bon, it will be the first thing I show you guys - it's a tasty question with a tasty answer! Here it is ($5.95):

As you can see, the key here is to replace all the hot, savory ingredients with ice-cold, sweet ingredients. Ice cream instead of fries, caramel popcorn, waffle bits, and marshmallows in place of cheese curds, and caramel in place of gravy. And Lordy, it works. This wondrous thing hits the spot when you're jonesing for a sugary fix, or when you're good and hot and sweaty, lemme tell ya! The only thing I'd do differently is nix the marshmallows, but that's only because marshmallows aren't my thing...

Beyond this lovely, inventive poutine, Vachement Bon also tickles my fancy with its self-serve frozen yogurt. Just look at this row of beauties ($0.59/ounce - TELL me that's not a good deal!):

Be careful though! The pumps in the dispensers are powerful!

You can also go crazy with the candy toppings. Smarties, candy sticks - 8 different varieties of sugary goodness:

Here are pictures of a couple of frozen yogurt cups that we served ourselves. Neat, huh?

The gelato here is also pretty damn good. Out of the ones I've tried so far, the fleur de sel caramel has been my favourite. The other varieties have never been disappointing either ($3.95 per scoop)!

Finally, the ice cream sandwiches! Besides the dessert poutine, this is my favourite thing at Vachement Bon! I bought a sixpack of these, and they went FAST. It's super-good ice cream that's sandwiched in between rich, chocolatey cookies that crumble delectably with every bite and chew. The ice cream sandwiches are pretty big too, and they hit the spot juuuuuust right when it's boiling hot ($1.95 each).

Hope you all enjoy this place as much as I do! Happy ice cream season, everyone!


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